Two drunken British sluts on stage playing with a naked stripper

November 26th, 2015

How far do you think women go when they get on stage with male strippers in front of their friends at hen parties and strip shows? This male stripper has got two friends on stage and they both play with his cock. But this male stripper wants them to suck his cock. Do you think they will? I think a lot of you will be shocked how far these women will go. British women have changed a lot over the last few years and they are drinking far more than ever before and their behavior has changed a lot. Especially their sexual behavior. Who would have thought that women behave like this when their husbands are sitting at home. I doubt many husbands know their wives have some strange guys cock in their hand and mouth. Women now marry later (if at all), delay childbirth, enjoy their independent incomes and often play hard. They are drunk and want to get some cock. With traditional male and female roles under constant pressure, young women have been alternately admired and derided for their independence, risk-taking and showing a more aggressive side. But admire them for getting up on stage and in front of a whole audience, getting their hands and sometimes mouth on some strangers cock. Lucky it is all caught on film.

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American summer festival turns into a drunken boozed up exhibitionist party

November 23rd, 2015

So it isn’t just British women who like to go out and get drunk and strip off flashing. It now seems like our American cousins love to do the very same thing, both mature women and young women, college girls and housewives, all love to go out and get drunk and get naked outside. They don’t care who watches, don’t care what they see. These drunken bitches love to go wild and party. These pictures are taken from one of the most wild summer festivals I’ve ever been to. These women did not know where to stop when drunk. They get their boobs out, there pussy out, and asses out. They don’t care who sees and watches or films. Would you let your wife or girlfriend come to one of these festivals?  Do you think she will act in different way. I can tell you now, they go wild when they get some beer inside them. If you are a voyeur who likes to watch girls gone wild, then you will love these pictures and these movies. I can tell you now that these drunken bitches do not stop there. You can even grab an ass some tit and even stick your fingers in their pussy. We have videos of these drunk college sluts fucked in toilets, in the woods or right there live on stage.  American college girls and MILF housewives, when drunk are the wildest women in the world. That is a fact

Boozed up drunk British milf pulled to her knees to suck a strippers cock on stage at a hen party

November 20th, 2015

Watch as this naked male stripper in Liverpool pulls this Boozed up drunk British MILF on to the stage and pushes her to her knees to suck his cock on stage at a hen party, while in the audience all her drunk friends watch and cheer. Is this old slapper drunk enough to suck his cock? This is modern Britain and we capture it all on film for you. British women have always been boozed up drunk slags. We had drunken slappers in Victorian days only difference is they used to wear less revealing clothes. Not long ago, the women in prisons were there largely because of drug or property-related crimes. But that picture is slowly changing, with a rising number of women being convicted for assault and other violent crimes. A lot of this is attributed to drink. I used to be really proud to be British but now i just find it embarrassing. What will other people around the world make out when they see these boozed up slappers at hen parties in Britain?

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November 17th, 2015

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How the New Orleans Mardis Gras became flashers festival

November 14th, 2015

Women getting drunk and flashing at the Mardi Gras is a recent tradition.  It all started quite innocently and there are a few theories on how the flashing started at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. One theory believes that when the float parades were banned from the French quarter’s narrow streets in the 70’s.  The locals with access to the French balconies decided to make their own form of entertainment and their own Mardi Gras, because they felt left out.  So started the flesh of beads.  Back then, the breast flashing was a spontaneous and casual affair and the beads were convenient way to exchange fun with a complete stranger and build up an instant relationship with a stranger quickly. But now, the Mardi Gras is full of MILF exhibitionists and drunk coeds, all drinking beer drinking far too much, flashing their tits and sometimes asses and cuts.  The Mardi Gras is a voyeur’s dream, if you like to see young drunk college girls drunk flashing then the Mardi Gras is the place to go.  You don’t even need to go to the New Orleans Mardi Gras, as I go there every year and film these housewives and drunk college students flashing.  Just for you!

Naked male stripper dancing with clothed drunk British women at a hen party

November 11th, 2015

Do you think I would just have a video of a naked male stripper dancing with clothed drunk British women at a hen party? Of course not. These drunk boozed up British sluts are having a good time dancing, but this male stripper has other ideas. Watch as he goes from one women to the next squirting cream onto his nipples and the drunk bitches lick the cream off his nipples. How far do you think that these drunk British sluts will go with this naked male stripper? Well do you think that these slappers are drunk enough to lick cream off his cock? Watch the video and find out. I doubt you will be surprised how far a women will go when they are drunk. But it is probably further than you think. British women get so pissed they can barely stand, shout abuse and moon (show their asses) out of the back’s of chav-carriers (limos) Fighting drunk in the streets while filming it and laughing, puke up and then pass out on the floor with all the cunts, tits and asses hanging out on show. So it will come as no surprise to British men that women are getting drunk at hen parties and sucking cream of strangers cocks.

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If you like watching these drunk British slags then you will love British porn blog

November 8th, 2015

These British slags dont need to be drunk to fuck pretty much anyone in these movies on British porn blog. Britisg Porn Blog is all about British porn movies, British porn reviews, British porn news. There are lots of public sex, British amateurs, plus of course lots of great British porn movies. If you want more great British porn movies then visit British porn blog here. Otherwise enjoy this movie clip taken from British porn blog.  These dirty exhibitionists love sex in public places and love to film themselves masturbating, fucking and pissing on tubes on trains, in parks and in cars. In fact anywhere outside you are likely to bump into these British exhibitionists. British exhibitionist is flashing, masturbating, fucking and even pissing on the trains and train stations all around England.

Drunk British Slappers. Would you be ashamed to call them British?

November 5th, 2015

The world seems to think that only women from the U.K act and get drunk abroad, but I’ve traveled enough to see other nationalities, including the natives act non too lady like, as well. But English and British women in general, are almost all drunks. They are all fucking lose as well. Dirty fucking sluts drunk and want cock. That is why some of the most shocking footage you will see is British women at hen parties. The British have always liked a drink of the booze. Going right back in history. One of Caesar’s generals (I can’t remember his name) sent a message back to Rome basically saying that Britain was an island of drunken nut jobs. Things have changed very little since. Boudica, who I believe was fond of a cup or two, wiped out more Roman soldiers than all the other leaders of the time put together. Well these women on Boozed women will show you what they get up to when drunk. It isn’t just falling down drunk in the street any more either. As you will see from these real life movie, these British women are fucking sluts when drunk!

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Boozed American women drunk and flashing and making out at a summer festival

November 2nd, 2015

It isn’t just young American college girls who come to our summer beer festivals It is also old women young in all shapes and sizes. Always drunk though. They all have one thing in common. When they get drunk, they go wild. Some of these girls flash their tits and some flash their ass, some impressive pussy on stage here drunk performing live sex shows. We have everyone walking around the crowd naked. If you like to see young girls get drunk and make out, we have all captured on film. Many of these guys cop a feel of these drunk girls, boobs, cunt and arse, as these naked drunk girls walk around the crowd. You can even see girls naked on the floor masturbating, while all the guys around watch take pictures and film cameras. I can’t believe how wild is American college girls have got at these parties. These pictures, taken from this festival are some of the wildest pictures and movies you ever likely to see. If you’re worried that these young college girls are not good looking enough will be wrong. These are some of the hottest young and firmest college girls I’ve ever seen. One of the highlights of me is the pool party. Loads of drunk girls, drinking beer in the swimming pools and Jacuzzi and making out while you watch and we film. While you  are sitting at home and having a good wank. American college girls have got to be the wildest college girls in the world.

Real life footage of boozed up drunk British women at hen parties

October 30th, 2015

All the footage we have on boozed women is real life videos from public party events, hen parties and male strip shows taking place up and down the UK. Featuring real drunk women, like the women next door and like your wives and girlfriends who are 100% out of control! In real boozed up Britain movies. There’s no paid actors on our website! Just real amateur British wives and girlfriends in nothing but real life action! What action it is too. This is some of the most shocking footage you will ever see. Our members area features 100’s of videos and pictures from the most fucked drunk women you will ever see. Drunk girls flashing their tits and pussies in large crowds of partying people. As well as giving male strippers hand jobs and blow jobs. You even get to see these drunk sluts fuck these lucky guys after the party is finished.These are the sort of movies that would get the average daily mail reader a heart attack. Enjoy.

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Local girls go wild get drunk with dozens of male stripper

October 27th, 2015

party hardcore – In future your partner or perhaps wife claims that she’s heading out to some bash along with her friends out of college or university or maybe workplace, everyone better think twice about allowing her to attend, for the reason that all young lady functions aren’t what they was once. Lady like evenings out which has a handful of drinks plus chatting are in yesteryear, & currently the gatherings evolved into down and dirty & girls evenings have a totally new meaning. Which is exactly what these slutty fun ladies tend to be doing, regardless they are adoring each minute of the brand-new identified orgy experience that is definitely in contrast to everything they’ve ever previously encountered before! Some slutty amateur ladies are revealing their particular slutty part by sucking on stripper cock as deeply as they could, getting pissed plus licking one and others cunts.

Flashing at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans is illegal but it doesnt stop boozed up women both young and old

October 24th, 2015

For the record, I had better tell you that getting drunk and flashing your tits in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras or in fact, any public indecency in New Orleans is punishable by jail time and up to a $1000 fine.  And yet despite the periodic announcement of police and city officials that they are about to have a crackdown, the police still allow the flashing breasts.  Flashing by drunk women in New Orleans, lucky for us continue unabated.  After all, the main concern of the police is crowd control and public safety and not filling the local jails up with unruly drunk college coeds and drunk house wives and MILF’s . If the flashing causes gridlock in the street, they often ask the owners of the balconies where the girls are flashing to clear out any of the guys who were watching these drunk women flashing their breasts.  Flashers sometimes get a verbal warning from the police but no drunk flashers hardly ever any arrested for lewd conduct.  Usually, the only time they get arrested is when they flash below the waist. If the woman flashes her pussy or ass or a guy flashes his cock they might get arrested.  As you can see from these real amateur movies shot at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  That hardly ever happens.

Do you want to see what boozed up women get up to at hen parties?

October 21st, 2015

If you do want to see what boozed up women get up to at hen parties then you have come to the right place. This hen party is in a pub in London in England. The hen parties in England are known to be really wild. But I am not sure many English men know how drunk their wives and girlfriends get when they go out and even more so what these dirty British slappers get up to with male strippers and other strangers when they are out. If you are not from England these real amateur movies taken at hen parties around the U.K are going to be really shocking to you. Watch as this naked male stripper walks around the audience of these drunk clothed women and they all rub baby oil over his body and also his cock. None of these drunk boozed up women turn down the offer of rubbing this naked male strippers cock. Often they go much further. I have filmed these real British wives and girlfriends sucking these male strippers off and also often getting fucked out the back in the alley ways or in the strippers changing room. Women when all drunk and boozed up are far worse then any men I can assure you and even show you.

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Young amateur couple get drunk and have a threesome with the lodger

October 18th, 2015

Dirty UK Wives is a real amateur blog. Featuring nothing but real amateur British wives. Either on their own or getting fucked by their husbands and often other men. Like in this real home made British amateur movie. This real amateur couples movie starts with the couple and their lodger talking about how they like to go out flashing. Also about how this real amateur slut lap dances for her lodger but he doesn’t get to fuck her. But today he does! He makes up for all the cock teasing that this slut has been doing over the last few months and makes the most of his chance to fuck the landlady and film it. After fucking this amateur whores mouth in a threesome he gets to double penetrate her with her boyfriend and we get a close up of her with a cock up her arse and her cunt. Download the full length movie here at real uk couples If you want to see more real British amateur sluts take a look at this British amateur porn blog here.

Slutty fuck date has a few drinks then gets fucked

October 15th, 2015

We met Hannah from fuck dates. She appeared to be new and not far, & The lady had been looking to meet up with many people. The lady messaged myself first. My profile caught her eye. Her first drunk text read “I’m drunk as fuck and horny, I’m feeling I am going to fuck u tonight send me a picture of your dick and if I like it ill send naked pics of myself”

The filthy slut seemed to be kinky plus the girl has an incredible ass, and so My wife and I changed some messages back and forth. Nothing elegant. Only basic naughty chat to find out a bit about her.

Once we met the lady had been as kinky as she promised. Obviously we all had quite a few drinks first and were all quite drunk.  The dirty bitch sucked a great cock and also I banged the filthy slut in her tight butt then ultimately I shot my load in her mouth.

This is the lady.


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