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Sexy British flasher flashing in the local pub

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

If you like watching these slutty wives getting drunk and flashing. Then you will love this great new British flashers blog. This movie was taken from British flashers and features this Sexy brunette flashes in the local pub. Watch this sexy brunette flashing her tits in the local pub. She is sitting pretending to look all innocent when all of a sudden she’ll flash her tits. She’s wearing sexy black lacy lingerie and no bra. She has an unbuttoned flashers mac on over her lingerie and shows her sexy body off to most of the pub. download the full length flashing movie here. This is another great flashing movie clip. From this really good blog. If you want more British flashers movies then visit the British Flashers blog here

Will this drunk women from Boozed women suck this strippers cock?

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Well what do you think? Do you think this drunk British slut, who is out with her friends on a Saturday night at a male strip club, should suck this strippers cock? He has her behind a towel but her friends who are in the audience can see though the towel if she sucks this male strippers cock or not. Well she starts to play with the strippers cock but is she going to stick it in her mouth? She is obviously a dirty bitch and a drunk one slut and so are her mates. They are giving her enough encouragement that is for sure. This real British amateur sluts are the sort of drunk bitches that everyone complains about on the news. Drunk British women out on a Saturday night, behave far worse than any man ever would. As we can see in these real amateur videos taken at male strip joints all around the U.K

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Drunk British women have had way too much to drink, and now they’re doing things they will regret in the morning.

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

These boozed up women in our exclusive boozed women movie will do just about anything if it means getting some cock. They’re doing things they will regret in the morning. They will regret getting caught on our shocking footage. When these drunk women are at the hen parties, they forget all about their boyfriends and husbands . Watch them giving these male strippers hand jobs, blow jobs and even getting fucked. In this movie, this British milf has no problem when this naked male stripper gets her to oil up his cock with baby oil. Oh if you are wondering how your with or girlfriend would behave. I can tell you. The same or even worse. Our movies will show you just how wild these British women get when they are drunk out with their friends. Figures show British women drink twice as much as in any other nation. These videos show that British women act twice as bad when out with other drunk British women than any other nation. Wanking guys off, sucking guys off and even getting fucked is VERY common. As you will see on our videos.

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Drunk British women at hen parties are fucking filth as you can see in this boozed women movie

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

In the UK, Hen Nights are often perceived as a little bit raucous, often including a a group of half naked  drunk women displaying a group “theme” Like Cheerleaders, schoolgirls, Playboy Bunnies etc. But more and more women are going to hen nights at pubs and clubs. Just to get pissed and play with some strippers cock. Typical venues for the standard Hen Night include pubs and bars and cheesy nightclubs. Mostly the Hen Night will involve a fucking lot of booze and women behaving badly. Until now us men didn’t realize how badly, a secret guarded by wives and girlfriends. Some women may have a stripper with his cock out in front of her and feel very embarrassed about, as he is gyrating his cock in her face. But some go a lot further, as you can see from this boozed women movie we shot. This drunken slut is happy to be on her knees sucking this strippers cock. She feels no shame about it at all. Dirty fucking slag. For many women this is nothing short of getting blind drunk on shots of tequila and having an almost-naked man parade around you for 20 minutes. But more often than not, we catch them sucking off the strippers and even fucking them out the back in the alley, in the strippers changing room and in their cars and vans.

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Boozed Women Cfnm Video shows loads of young women, drunk, playing with a naked male stripper

Friday, November 14th, 2014

These British women are loving wives and girlfriends at home. But these women turn into wild party animals when they are out drinking with their friends for girls night out. There are no husbands to watch what their wives are doing. But now we can see exactly what these British sluts do when out drinking at hen parties and male strip joints. watch as these drunk slappers friends are cheering each other up to touch and taste this male strippers dick. Boozed Women come for time of their lives and they all get fucking pissed at these parties. They jerk off total strangers then suck them off in front of unknown people on stage. In this movie the naked male stripper is walking around the audience and rubbing his cock on these clothed womens tits. Like in all our real life videos from public party events and male strip shows taking place in the UK with drunk next door women 100% out of control.

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A group of drunk British women out of control at a hen party in Crawley grabbing this male strippers cock

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

This drunk British group of women are fucking wild. Like you wouldn’t believe. watch this group of drunk British women out of control at a hen party in Crawley grabbing this male strippers cock, pushing each others heads down towards his cock, for a laugh and then one drunken British slut gets on her knees and starts sucking this stranger off. Dirty fucking bitches all of the, But that is something we have come to expect at Boozed women. We have seen with our own eyes how British women behave when drunk. Now you can see it too as we have it all captured on video. See the worst behaved women are often middle-aged and older groups, but there are plenty of young British boozed up slappers at these parties. Also sucking off these guys when they get the chance. The government has been running a series of information campaigns to warn about the dangers of excessive drinking to British women. But maybe they need to start warning the husbands who’s wives are going out and getting drunk and sucking off and fucking strangers. while ministers have promised action on some discount promotions, they have indicated that they would not back a minimum price. Medical experts have called for a minimum price for alcohol to eliminate the sale of cheap booze. But again, maybe the should be concentrating on getting these drunk slags to use condoms when they suck off these strangers. But none do in any of the videos we have shot.

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Want to see British women lying in the gutter with their legs spread open drunk at night?

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Well we have much much more than that.  Not only do we have British women lying in the gutter with their legs spread open drunk at night. But we have much better. We have women at hen parties and very drunk. Like in this movie, taken at a hen party in Swindon, England. This young British slut gets pulled up on stage. She is encouraged to go on stage by her drunken slutty friends and she pulls this male strippers thong off, wanks his cock and then what happens? Britain has long had a problem with people consuming alcohol to excess, with binge-drinking blamed for rises in anti-social behavior and violence. But I’m not sure people realize exactly how slutty drunk British women can be. Until now that is. Now we have it all captured on film. The government estimates that alcohol-related injuries and illnesses costs the state health system around 2.7 billion pounds a year. But how many relationships have broken up, due to these movies? I bet most of you men didn’t realize how slutty your wives and girlfriends can be. watch them sucking and fucking strangers at pubs, clubs and strip clubs.

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More and more British women are behaving loutishly in a trend police link to relaxed laws that allow pubs and bars to remain open for 24 hours

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

I’m not sure it is an excuse at all, but the relaxed drinking laws have definitely changed how British women behave. More and more British women are behaving loutishly in a trend police link to relaxed laws that allow pubs and bars to remain open for 24 hours. That is a fact. But would you expect them to behave as bad as the women in our videos? The number of women fined on the spot for loutish behavior has trebled since pub and bar opening hours were relaxed three years ago. But did you know how badly drunk British women behave when they get together and get drunk at hen parties and strip clubs? Now you can see it for yourself. There are special deals on bottled drinks targeted towards ladies and they’ll go there in large gangs of 10 or 12 and stay out very late. Women are much more confident in these large groups and at organized hen parties especially once the drink is flowing. You can now see for the first time, what these slappers get up to. Watch them on stage and behind the scenes giving men hand jobs, blow jobs and even getting fucked. This sexy drunk British tart is drunk and on her knees and very happy to wank this guy off. But what does she get up to later? You will have to wait and see.

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British women getting drunk and fucking at dogging spots

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

dogging is actually a UK name regarding joining in sex acts in any semi-public place (ordinarily a remote car or truck park) or perhaps seeing people doing this. Frequently, you can find more than 2 people; group sex along with at times even gang bangs can easily arise. The 2 groups of individuals included usually meet both at random as well as prepare to meet-up in advance using online using a dogging web page such as this specific internet site.

dogging is often anything from putting on a show out of inside your car or truck, to sexual intercourse while Doggers watch as well as probably participate. All this relies upon on what exactly you might be interested in. dogging involves exhibitionism and also voyeurism and this combo runs in conjunction. The voyeurs usually are mostly adult males and the exhibitionists are mostly couples or perhaps girls who seem to appreciate to attract attention and frequently invite men to participate in with them fucking.

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In these exclusive images taken from dogging after dark we certainly have a UK M. I. L. F wearing ebony nylons getting shagged by a collection of strangers outdoors and also inside the back of a car. Stockings tend to be the choice of swinging wives and swingers who get involved in swinging outside. Due to the fact anyone appreciates that most guys love fucking a slut in nylons. Visit dogging after dark now.


Will this British women out drunk at this male strip show, lick cream off his cock?

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

I was talking to a policeman a while ago and he says the changes in the last few years in the behavior of British women are beyond belief. He also said the reality is even worse than the statistics because, and I quote, give women more latitude than men Seeing drunk women on British streets and pubs and clubs is something you often see. being sick, falling over and fighting and very often fucking or sucking guys off. In pubs, clubs, in back alleys and anywhere these drunk slappers can find some cock. Especially if you get the slappers at hen parties all together and drunk. They don’t take much encouragement to get and stage and wank off and suck off the male strippers while their drunk friends watch, laugh and cheer. Will this British women out drunk at this male strip show, lick cream off his cock? What would her boyfriend say if he knew she was out, drunk, licking cream of some strangers cock? Think your wife or girlfriend wouldn’t behave like this? You would be VERY surprised, we have 1000;s of women all drunk and doing anything, while all the other women watch and cheer.

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Drunk British teen who cant get enough cock at this hen party in Swindon

Monday, October 6th, 2014

I have seen plenty of young drunk British sluts sucking cock. But this one really is enjoying sucking this strippers cock and doesn’t want to stop. She is a typical British girl. Fat, drunk and a fucking slag. I spend a lot of time abroad, in Germany, France and Spain, and any one I get to meet there all tell me what everyone else thinks in Europe. That British girls are drunk, tartly dressed, overweight and have big load mouths. Well this drunk slut does have a big mouth and fills it with this strippers cock. They say the thing that most people will say, if asked about English girls, is that they’ll sleep with you if only you’ll give them a straw to help them drink. This young drunk slappers only needs a few drinks inside her before she is sucking this guy off. While all the other British drunk women are cheering her on. Another great movie from Boozed women. Which is all about British slappers getting drunk and acting like real slags. I also just heard that there have been TV documentaries in Germany about this same thing cameras on the streets filming the girls etc. Lets hope we end up with a German Version of boozed women. Because German girls are hot and fucking dirty as well.

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Drunk British blond milf sucks off a stripper on the stage at a hen party

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Researchers recently surveyed 3,000 British women between the ages of 18 and 50 and found that the average British woman has eight sex partners and is drunk for at least five of them. Well the women on Boozed women have that many men in a night sometimes. Certainly they are drunk and certainly they are filthy fucking slappers who love booze and love sucking cock when drunk. Stereotypes can only start and then carry on circulating if they have a at least a little bit of truth. This explains why so many people hate stereotyping because it’s usually true. British women are all loose drunk slappers is what the rest of the world thinks of them. Because it is often true. Being drunk in public is hardly new, but it use to be men who were getting drunk, puking and trying to get laid. Seeing young women lying in the street with their skirt round their waist is now very common in England. Boozed women captures the best of them. Like this drunk British blond MILF who is caught on film sucking off a stripper on the stage at a hen party.

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British drunk milf on stage at a hen party suck off a male stripper

Monday, September 15th, 2014

As if the hangover weren’t bad enough, hundreds of British women have the added humiliation of millions seeing their wasted debauchery on our videos on boozed women. If you have been out lately ladies and have been drinking and sucking off male strippers, or other strangers, while your husband is at home, their is a good chance we have you on film. Like this drunk British MILF on stage at a hen party suck off a male stripper. Boozed Women is a site where real next door women (your wives and girlfriends) go to male strip clubs and hen parties in the UK and touch them, kiss them and give them blow jobs in public and often get fucked afterwards. Now we have these humiliation movies to prove what slappers these British wives and girlfriends can be. Women use to be called the better half but i guess this proves it all wrong. Women can be far worse than men. Could your wife be acting like this while all her friends watch? Is your going going out and sucking strangers cocks? Is your wife so drunk she is getting fucked by male strippers in back alleys and in toilets? If she is we probably have her on film.

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Boozed up chubby drunk British women at a hen party sucks the male strippers cock

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Millions of British women drink alcohol before having sex. researchers examining the link between sexual habits and alcohol consumption among 3,000 women found that half preferred sex after a tipple. OK my bet is most men wont find this surprising at all, we probably know our wives and girlfriends are dirtier when they have had a few drinks. A recent study found that 75 per cent of women like to drink a glass of wine or two immediately before having sex with their husbands or boyfriends. But what these husbands and boyfriends probably didn’t realize is that when women go out and get drunk with their friends, their drunken sexual urges don’t stop their. British women are going out and getting drunk at hen parties and behaving like real dirty slappers, playing with male strippers cocks and even sucking them, getting fucked and more, all the time their husbands and boyfriends have no idea what goes on. Until now that is. You can watch what women are getting up to at hen parties while drunk, up and down Britain. Like in this movie watch as this boozed up chubby drunk British women at a hen party sucks the male strippers cock.

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British lady has to much champaign to drink on her picnic and ends up masturbating in public

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Most of the women we see drunk in public are working class chav slappers, but today I have a real lady for you. Lucky for us when Danica goes out for a picnic it means lots of flashing and playing with herself outside and today in the picnic hamper Danica found that she had remembered her favorite vibrator.  Sometimes this English lady just needs to find a little time for herself outside, away from her husband and today Danica decides to find a quite spot and have a picnic all on her own. This posh lady has to much champaign to drink on her picnic and ends up masturbating in public. Although Danica looks like  a very posh lady, she is actually a filthy slut.  Watch Danica in the sun ramming the vibrator deep inside her wet milf cunt until she cums, loud and hard. If you want to see more of this fantastic British lady then visit her site just Danica here

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