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Who are the dirtiest bitches in the world when drunk?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The question is, who are the dirtiest woman in the world when drunk?  Often people say British women, but after you have looked at these pictures and these movies, you may well change your mind. These American women are wild and after they have been drinking beer, they like nothing more than flashing their tits that ass, and they’re pussy. These pictures were taken at a real summer festival of real drunk booze up American sluts.  When these women get beer inside them, they get on stage and get their clothes off. They walk around the crowd, flashing their boobs and arse and flashing their pussy.  My bet is that British women can drink far more but these American women are the wildest sluts you will ever see.  What I love about these pictures and these movies, taken at the summer festival is the fact that it isn’t just mature women and swingers who are getting naked, who are fucking and who are sucking.  It is also young firm, cute, American college girls.  These college girls and women get drunk and on stage, while men photographed and filmed it all.  I’m pretty sure that after a few more cans of beer these boozed up American women will be sucking cocks in the woods and in the toilets. Perfect

Boozed up women at the Mardi Gras drinking Hand Grenades and flashing their ass, breats and pussy

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

At the New Orleans Mardi Gras a flashing should be just flashing not a striptease. But as you can see from our videos, flashing can often lead to more, When drunk college girls putting on a show that turns heads and creates pedestrians gridlocks happens, the cops are more likely to get in your case. So be careful. A quick flash of the tits is not going to get you into trouble, masturbating in the street in front of a lot of boozed up guys almost certainly is. That doesn’t seem to stop drunk coeds and other slutty women at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, as you can see from our videos.  Often a flash leads to much more. If you do decide to go to the New Orleans Mardi Gras and are going there to flash.  If it was me,  I would consider wearing a mask to cover your identity, because what’s revealed at the New Orleans Mardi Gras doesn’t necessarily stay at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  You could end up on my site, your friends, and work colleges and neighbors could all see you drunk with your tits out. If you asked me to take a video down of you drunk and flashing your boobs or flashing your pussy or ass, I will say no.  But most flashers don’t ever consider wearing a mask, because they are too drunk on beer, wine and spirits. If you really want to get drunk at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, there is a lethal drink called hand grenades, which have been known to get people drunk and very quickly and transform even the most modest, shy girl next door, into brazenly willful, exhibitionist slut.  Take a look at these girls in these videos who are now boozed up and drunk flashing their ass his pussy

American summer festival turns into a drunken boozed up exhibitionist party

Friday, July 11th, 2014

So it isn’t just British women who like to go out and get drunk and strip off flashing. It now seems like our American cousins love to do the very same thing, both mature women and young women, college girls and housewives, all love to go out and get drunk and get naked outside. They don’t care who watches, don’t care what they see. These drunken bitches love to go wild and party. These pictures are taken from one of the most wild summer festivals I’ve ever been to. These women did not know where to stop when drunk. They get their boobs out, there pussy out, and asses out. They don’t care who sees and watches or films. Would you let your wife or girlfriend come to one of these festivals?  Do you think she will act in different way. I can tell you now, they go wild when they get some beer inside them. If you are a voyeur who likes to watch girls gone wild, then you will love these pictures and these movies. I can tell you now that these drunken bitches do not stop there. You can even grab an ass some tit and even stick your fingers in their pussy. We have videos of these drunk college sluts fucked in toilets, in the woods or right there live on stage.  American college girls and MILF housewives, when drunk are the wildest women in the world. That is a fact

How the New Orleans Mardis Gras became flashers festival

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Women getting drunk and flashing at the Mardi Gras is a recent tradition.  It all started quite innocently and there are a few theories on how the flashing started at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. One theory believes that when the float parades were banned from the French quarter’s narrow streets in the 70’s.  The locals with access to the French balconies decided to make their own form of entertainment and their own Mardi Gras, because they felt left out.  So started the flesh of beads.  Back then, the breast flashing was a spontaneous and casual affair and the beads were convenient way to exchange fun with a complete stranger and build up an instant relationship with a stranger quickly. But now, the Mardi Gras is full of MILF exhibitionists and drunk coeds, all drinking beer drinking far too much, flashing their tits and sometimes asses and cuts.  The Mardi Gras is a voyeur’s dream, if you like to see young drunk college girls drunk flashing then the Mardi Gras is the place to go.  You don’t even need to go to the New Orleans Mardi Gras, as I go there every year and film these housewives and drunk college students flashing.  Just for you!

Boozed American women drunk and flashing and making out at a summer festival

Friday, June 20th, 2014

It isn’t just young American college girls who come to our summer beer festivals It is also old women young in all shapes and sizes. Always drunk though. They all have one thing in common. When they get drunk, they go wild. Some of these girls flash their tits and some flash their ass, some impressive pussy on stage here drunk performing live sex shows. We have everyone walking around the crowd naked. If you like to see young girls get drunk and make out, we have all captured on film. Many of these guys cop a feel of these drunk girls, boobs, cunt and arse, as these naked drunk girls walk around the crowd. You can even see girls naked on the floor masturbating, while all the guys around watch take pictures and film cameras. I can’t believe how wild is American college girls have got at these parties. These pictures, taken from this festival are some of the wildest pictures and movies you ever likely to see. If you’re worried that these young college girls are not good looking enough will be wrong. These are some of the hottest young and firmest college girls I’ve ever seen. One of the highlights of me is the pool party. Loads of drunk girls, drinking beer in the swimming pools and Jacuzzi and making out while you watch and we film. While you  are sitting at home and having a good wank. American college girls have got to be the wildest college girls in the world.

Flashing at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans is illegal but it doesnt stop boozed up women both young and old

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

For the record, I had better tell you that getting drunk and flashing your tits in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras or in fact, any public indecency in New Orleans is punishable by jail time and up to a $1000 fine.  And yet despite the periodic announcement of police and city officials that they are about to have a crackdown, the police still allow the flashing breasts.  Flashing by drunk women in New Orleans, lucky for us continue unabated.  After all, the main concern of the police is crowd control and public safety and not filling the local jails up with unruly drunk college coeds and drunk house wives and MILF’s . If the flashing causes gridlock in the street, they often ask the owners of the balconies where the girls are flashing to clear out any of the guys who were watching these drunk women flashing their breasts.  Flashers sometimes get a verbal warning from the police but no drunk flashers hardly ever any arrested for lewd conduct.  Usually, the only time they get arrested is when they flash below the waist. If the woman flashes her pussy or ass or a guy flashes his cock they might get arrested.  As you can see from these real amateur movies shot at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  That hardly ever happens.

Drunk College girls go wild on stage at this summer beer festival

Friday, May 30th, 2014

You really won’t believe what goes on at the summer festivals. These American college girls are absolutely wild, with the sun with the beer of all these young men around, you just won’t believe what these young girls get up to. They absolutely love to show off when they get the beer inside them. If you like to watch a young drunk college girls gone wild, but don’t have the time. Or the wife won’t let you go. Then don’t worry we have it all for you here, it is all caught on video  in pictures and videos and these young college girls just don’t care who watches. Watch the drunk competitions and these girls getting on stage getting naked getting drunk and get perform in front of us. All while the crowd is cheering and we are watching and wanking.

Drunk Mardi Gras girls flashing for Mardi Gras beads

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

These young American girls are flashing at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Everyone thinks that these women at the Mardi Gras flash just to get beads. I have been to the Mardi Gras five times and I can tell you now these young sluts flash for much more than beads.  They get drunk and boozed up, and love flashing its, ass and pussy to all the guys at the Mardi Gras. They are all real slutty exhibitionists.  As you can see in these amateur movies it isn’t just young girls who are drunk and flashing its MILF’s and mature women and even older women.  All the women at the New Orleans Mardi Gras love to drink booze, drink beer and more, before they go out flashing. But now you don’t even have to go to the New Orleans Mardi Gras to see the drunk boozed up women flashing you can see it here right on your computer so you don’t even have to leave your seat or put your cock away.  If you like real amateur women outside drunk and flashing then you will love this site. Guys shouting “show me your tits” has become as much a part of the New Orleans Mardi Gras as women shouting “throw me something mister“.  Some would say that these movies and New Orleans Mardi Gras is indecent.  But I, like you, love to see drunk women going wild  outside and flashing. Wide-eyed tourist could be excused for not even knowing that flashing has never been legalized Orleans.  But everyone does it and no one stops it, although there is actually a crime against it, which is punishable for jail time and up to a $1000 fine.  Just flashing tits is illegal. But that doesn’t stop anybody as you can see in these movies taken live at the New Orleans Mardi Gras

Drunk American college teens will let guys do anything when they are drunk

Monday, May 12th, 2014

There’s only two smells in the air at this college party. One is the smell of spilled beer and the other is the smell of wet pussy. Because these drunk college girls know how to party. I’m not sure how this all happened but we managed to get the best teen college pussy around to come to this college party. We of course made sure all these young sluts, were real exhibitionists and flashers and then we loaded them up with booze and let them do their thing. Which was try and impress guys flashing their tits, ass and pussy. These bitches were real dirty sluts. Two of them had drunk lesbian sex in the middle of the dance floor, another chick was having fun with the stripper pole. But all were happy to let guys take pictures of them and even take movies. Even close ups of their cunts and ass. This college festival party was one of the wildest I have been to. All the college girls in this party just wanted to get down and dirty. Bumping and Grinding, dancing, shaking their bare ass, drinking and of course fucking. It is all captured on film too.

Boozed up women at the New Orleans during Mardi Gras flashing their tits and ass

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Have you been to the Mardi Gras? If you have not then be warned.  When you go into the French quarter at my other New Orleans Mardi Gras you will see hundreds of drunk American women, young and old flashing their tits and more. Many men like me are just there to see the slutty drunk women flashing their tits and flashing much more than that.  These sluts flash their asses and their pussy, and I and others will take pictures and movies.  Most men at the New Orleans Mardi Gras in the French quarter only go there to see the sleazy stuff that they saw on the news and on the Internet at sites like mine.  Of course we all assume everyone their is drunk and wants to be a part of this flashing frenzy but often most of the women are fair to flash their boobs and to get a freebie.  These women in these movies are doing more than just flashing. Some are flashing us, and one Mardi Gras drunk slut is having strangers, sucking on her tits.  None of this is unusual at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, and now you don’t have to even go there to see the real drunk sluts flashing.  You can set your own computer and let me bring them to you, while you sit back and wank.

Boozed up American college girls drunk and flashing outside

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

American college girls drink heavily in order to get the attention of the opposite sex, but that this is backfiring as US college boys actually prefer a less boozy lady friend. But not me. I like drunk pissed up girls, like these drunk American college sluts at this beer festival. American women and especially American college teens have steadily been drinking more and more over the last several decades. It might not be very good for their health, but it makes top wanking material, as all these drunk bitches flash us their tits, ass and pussy. When surveyed about their drinking. American college girls insisted that women who drink like men do not do so because they want to be like a man, but rather because they want to be liked by men. Well I fucking like these girls. Any girl willing to get drunk and strip in front of a bunch of guys are OK in my book. If girls knew they didn’t need to get drunk in order to catch the chaps’ eye, they wouldn’t drink so much. While not all women may be drinking simply to get a guy’s attention, this may help explain why more women are drinking at dangerous levels. But what I think is dangerous, is the fucking hard on these drunk naked college teens sluts give me. Keep on drinking girls.

Drunk American Milf at a mardi gras flashing her tits for beeds

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Have you ever been to a New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration? Well you don’t need to because I am bringing the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration to you. Although the New Orleans Mardi Gras is the best in the nation, if not the world. What we really go for is to check out the action in the French Quarter. Not only are there spectacular parades unlike any seen elsewhere. Some women will do anything to get what they want. At the Mardi Gras these women have to much to drink. But every time they flash their tits, they are given beads. Many do not want the throw as much as the attention they receive, but most of these drunk bitches want all the attention they get. I have been to the New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration 5 times and always go for the women flashing. Many New Orleans will tell you this was never and is still not a tradition. Saying it is “tradition” is like saying that people who get drunk and pass out on Bourbon Street are following tradition as well. But it is now what every year happens. Thank fuck for that.

Sexy British flasher flashing in the local pub

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

If you like watching these slutty wives getting drunk and flashing. Then you will love this great new British flashers blog. This movie was taken from British flashers and features this Sexy brunette flashes in the local pub. Watch this sexy brunette flashing her tits in the local pub. She is sitting pretending to look all innocent when all of a sudden she’ll flash her tits. She’s wearing sexy black lacy lingerie and no bra. She has an unbuttoned flashers mac on over her lingerie and shows her sexy body off to most of the pub. download the full length flashing movie here. This is another great flashing movie clip. From this really good blog. If you want more British flashers movies then visit the British Flashers blog here

Drunk American women partying and getting naked

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

These American women do not take much persuading to flash their tits, cunts, asses to anyone who comes past. These dirty fucking sluts are simply out of control at these college parties and festivals. They turn into real exhibitionists and let all these guys photograph them and film them. Just get a few beers down these sluts throats and they become wild party girls. It seems that these boozed up party girls often have one thing in common. Apart from the fact they like to get naked. They all have shaved cunts. Loads of shaved bitches on stage partying at this festival. I would have loved to have got one of these drunk bitches and fucked her in the woods. They are all at it. Get a few beers down them and they will fuck just about anyone it seems. At these beer festivals you even get to vote on which stupid drunken boozed up bitch is the dirtiest and the hottest. Guess what they win for prizes? Yes more beer.

Which of these drunk college girls are the hottest?

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

O.K it’s not just for me to decide who is the hottest drunken flashers at the New Orleans Mardi Gras party. I have four young drunk college girls in these real amateur exhibitionist movies for you. You decide which one is the best. First off we have two young drunk college girls on a balcony flashing their breasts and feeling each others breasts. Then we have this young drunk college girl with small firm tits flashing. Then we have another not as attractive drunk slut flashing her small chest.  And last but not least, we have a very hot, young college girl on the balcony flashing the men walking past. These Mardi Gras movies are real amateur movies. These are not the fake movie is taking that the so-called Spring Break fantasy parties. These are real amateur women at the Mardi Gras flashing their tits and much more. The only thing left is to be said about these Mardi Gras amateur movies is that they capture the soul of the world-famous New Orleans Mardi Gras. This so called flashing festival, is taking place on the streets is captured in all these real long amateur movies. If you’ve never been to New Orleans Mardi Gras then you will love these movies, especially if you like real drunk exhibitionists. If you have been to the Mardi Gras these home made exhibitionist movies will bring back the memories of all those young firm drunk college girls on all those naughty MILF Amateur housewives.

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