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Sexy British flasher flashing in the local pub

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

If you like watching these slutty wives getting drunk and flashing. Then you will love this great new British flashers blog. This movie was taken from British flashers and features this Sexy brunette flashes in the local pub. Watch this sexy brunette flashing her tits in the local pub. She is sitting pretending to look all innocent when all of a sudden she’ll flash her tits. She’s wearing sexy black lacy lingerie and no bra. She has an unbuttoned flashers mac on over her lingerie and shows her sexy body off to most of the pub. download the full length flashing movie here. This is another great flashing movie clip. From this really good blog. If you want more British flashers movies then visit the British Flashers blog here

Drunk American women partying and getting naked

Friday, December 5th, 2014

These American women do not take much persuading to flash their tits, cunts, asses to anyone who comes past. These dirty fucking sluts are simply out of control at these college parties and festivals. They turn into real exhibitionists and let all these guys photograph them and film them. Just get a few beers down these sluts throats and they become wild party girls. It seems that these boozed up party girls often have one thing in common. Apart from the fact they like to get naked. They all have shaved cunts. Loads of shaved bitches on stage partying at this festival. I would have loved to have got one of these drunk bitches and fucked her in the woods. They are all at it. Get a few beers down them and they will fuck just about anyone it seems. At these beer festivals you even get to vote on which stupid drunken boozed up bitch is the dirtiest and the hottest. Guess what they win for prizes? Yes more beer.

Which of these drunk college girls are the hottest?

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

O.K it’s not just for me to decide who is the hottest drunken flashers at the New Orleans Mardi Gras party. I have four young drunk college girls in these real amateur exhibitionist movies for you. You decide which one is the best. First off we have two young drunk college girls on a balcony flashing their breasts and feeling each others breasts. Then we have this young drunk college girl with small firm tits flashing. Then we have another not as attractive drunk slut flashing her small chest.  And last but not least, we have a very hot, young college girl on the balcony flashing the men walking past. These Mardi Gras movies are real amateur movies. These are not the fake movie is taking that the so-called Spring Break fantasy parties. These are real amateur women at the Mardi Gras flashing their tits and much more. The only thing left is to be said about these Mardi Gras amateur movies is that they capture the soul of the world-famous New Orleans Mardi Gras. This so called flashing festival, is taking place on the streets is captured in all these real long amateur movies. If you’ve never been to New Orleans Mardi Gras then you will love these movies, especially if you like real drunk exhibitionists. If you have been to the Mardi Gras these home made exhibitionist movies will bring back the memories of all those young firm drunk college girls on all those naughty MILF Amateur housewives.

Anything goes on Mardi Gras in the French Quarter. Literally. We have drunk boozed up women flashing their tits and more.

Monday, November 17th, 2014

The New Orleans Mardi Gras isn’t just about flashing your breasts.  In response to the “show us your tits” call from the guys who shout to all the young and old ladies there to try and get them to get their tits out.  It’s become quite a tradition for drunk young college girls mature women who have also been drinking to be rewarded with these trinkets when they expose their breasts to the crowd. If listening bunch of guys shouting “shows us your tits” will offend you, then whatever you do, don’t venture into the quarter Mardi Gras.  If your a woman and have drunk enough and you will get your tits out, make it quick. Your not going to jail for indecent exposure for getting your tits out, but they will put in jail for traffic violations if you bring the whole of the traffic to a standstill. So no dancing around topless, flashing  is okay.  Stripping of naked and stopping  the traffic isn’t.  Of course, times have changed and there is something called sexual equality now. With loads of the girls, shouting at the men to get something out in return.  But this is a very bad idea I would not say that the New Orleans police Department is an outright sexist group. But cops don’t want a lot of guys getting their cocks out or more.  But you will see a little bit more than just tits if you keep your eyes out. Like in these movies. These real amateur movies that I shot at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, there are some great thong and ass shots of young drunk college girls.  On boozed women we show you everything women get up to when drunk and horny. What sluts get up to when they go out and get drunk.

he New Orleans Police Department has a very high tolerance threshold when it comes to rowdy behavior as we can see from the public exhibitionism movies

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Public drinking and getting drunk has never been a big deal in New Orleans.  Especially at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  In fact all of my best Mardi Gras memories are very fuzzy as a result of overindulging in the and tequila. But drunkenness in public though, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game.  If you just like to have a good time when getting drunk, then your biggest problems are likely to be getting lost, and being sick and having far too many young firm breasts being pushing your face. Not that I have ever found that a problem.  But if your idea of being drunk is to give people a hard time getting aggressive, getting too loud to the annoying people you will probably end up in jail.  The New Orleans police, have a very high tolerance threshold when it comes to rowdy behavior, but they’re all so very happy to put you in prison if you cross the line. These young girls in this boozed up women movie are all having a good time getting drunk and flashing their breasts.  Bearing in mind, they have an open container law in New Orleans. It is is legal to drink beverages in the street but not from glass containers or cans.  You need to pick up the plastic Bottles and plastic glasses.  Just like the public indecency law in Orleans is normally ignored during the carnival,  you not get a lot of trouble at this time of year when taking drunk outside. Just like getting drunk and getting your tits out wont get you in trouble. So no fucking in public when your drunk. But you can find drunken, boozed up housewives sucking strangers and young half naked college girls sucking strangers cocks in the back alleys and toilets. The safest thing to do is sit back and unzip your trousers and wank over the real amateur drunk flashing movies that are taken at New Orleans Mardi Gras for you.

Sluts at Mardi Gras party getting drunk, showing their tits and getting fucked and just not giving a shit.

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Not many things in life are more sexy and more gratifying than the classic old getting your tits out in front of strangers in a crowd.  That is why I love the New Orleans Mardi Gras so much.  I especially like when the boobies get caught in a T-shirt and fall back down to the natural state of hanging. When there is no bra that is perfect.  I love the real natural tits flashing, but I do also like the fake hard breasts.  Especially when it’s a strange young college girl or real amateur housewife flashing you her breasts.  Half of the women you meet every day, who are flashing their boobs, you don’t usually want to see them, unless you’re drunk. At the New Orleans Mardi Gras you get some of the hottest young sluts you will see anywhere, the naughtiest drunk college girls you will ever see.  And they all have their boobs out, like in these movies.  These real amateur movies all taken at the New Orleans Mardi Gras is less like soft core porn and more like a tribute to breasts and of course the girls flashing themselves, and a beautiful one at that, although I probably don’t think of it soft porn, it is still well worth having a wank over. Which is obviously why these young girls love flashing at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  They love guys watching their tits and sometimes more. I don’t know why women even bother wearing their clothes on at the Mardi Gras. I say that they should be naked all the time.

Drunk College Girls caught on camera! Real flashing movies and pictures you werent supposed to see!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

I’m pretty sure I filmed enough drunk American college girls to keep you and your cock hard and keep you busy wanking until the next century. But I am not going to stop there, we have thousands of pictures and movies to show you of real college girls getting drunk and flashing and much much more. I have never seen a turnout like this, and it just keeps getting better. The best part about it is getting more contacts from these wild coed chicks that go to schools all over the country. This was by far the largest turnout I have ever seen, and these coed girls were hot enough to heat up a country in their little bitty bikini’s. While the bikini’s were still on. Because it doesn’t take long for these young college slags to get naked. Flashing their tits, asses and cunts. Every direction you look at this place you will see drunk college girls in their tiny string bikini’s with a drink in their hand. Thats in the morning. By lunch time these flashing bitches are naked and spreading!

American boozed up college girls get their tits out for the lads

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

At the New Orleans Mardi Gras reality is, the police, while generally taken a hard line on below the waist exposure (women flashing their cunts and ass) have basically allowed young college girls and amateur housewives to get drunk and flash their breasts the exhibitionists continue this exhibition is unabated.  The main concern after all, is crowd control and public safety and so that does not stop these young college girls drunk and horny, flashing their asses and pussy. Liken these real amateur movies that I took at the New Orleans Mardi Gras you can see young girls go too far and flashing their pussy and ass at the strangers in the crowd.  They sometimes make out in the streets and play with each other kiss each other and fondle each other’s breasts, and sometimes even finger each other or lick each other’s pussy in front of complete strangers.  You have no idea how far the average housewife will go.  But what I notice in recent years is it is not the milf’s and housewives who are the really wild ones, it is the young drunk college girls, who do anything  to impress their friends and impress the guys. So even though the police and officials at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, hold a press conference every year  to announce a new get tough policy on all the flashing and flashing for beads. It is not something that ever seem to affect the young drunk boozed up women, both young and old and flashing who love to get their tits out for the lads.

Real drunk amateur American college girls, bozzed up and flashing outside

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

You’re going to be scrambling to check the i phone and memory card of your wife or girlfriend the next time she goes out! These pictures are just a glimpse of what goes on when women get drunk there’s not a boyfriend or husband in sight and women are let loose with a bunch of drunk men. We’ve got the photos and the videos that they never wish went on Facebook and never expected to to see on the net. Hard luck for them because we are not taking them down, even if their boyfriends or husbands see them. We have Hen’s nights and graduation celebrations that have spiraled into drunken stripper fest, it’s shocking because these girls are real women and all our movies and pictures of these boozed up women is 100% real! When the booze flows and their best friends are getting laid, these girls turn into total whores - as you can see! You’ve normally got no idea what normally shy and polite girls (the type of girls you work with and go to college with) will do to impress and one-up their friends! Up until now that is. Because I am going to show you.

Boozed up young college girls and real American drunk housewives flashing at the New Orleans Mardi Gras

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Flashing and general hedonism at the New Orleans Mardi Gras has so been on the rise in recent years (as women drink more and have less morals) especially in the French quarter as the scene has come to take on a spring break atmosphere, attracting lots of exhibitionist housewives and flashing college girls the French quarter is now attracting visitors more interested in drunken escapades and flashing rather than celebrating the cultural significance of the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  What has concerned observers of the Mardi Gras in recent years is the flash for beads ritual that has surfaced along the parade and the thoroughfares, traditionally associate with a family orientated Mardi Gras.  And indeed the crew captain’s have come under pressure to take a hard line against front riders who are encouraging women to lift their shirts.  That’s why I just stick to the French quarter. In the French quarter you’ll find loads of dirty housewives flashing their tits are and loads of young drunk college girls getting drunk and flashing their tits and nobody really caring what goes on, like in these movies.  These real amateur movies all taken at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  We have loads of amateurs young and old, flashing their breasts, and much more in the crowd.

Watch as hundreds of real boozed up American sluts party and get naked

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

What a drunken freak show this contest was. It started off as just another regular wet T-shirt contest, and quickly turned into an all-out drunken flashing slut party. These college girls were not afraid to get nasty in front of almost 600 people.  While we cheered, watched booed and wanked over lots of hot drunk young American coeds.  In this contest there are some perfect tits and asses on show and it only took about five minutes for the contest to go topless, and then about 10 minutes for the contest to go bottomless as young drunk college girls were flashing their tit’s, asses and cunts at the crowd.  But these young drunk college sluts didn’t leave it there. They were kissing each other and fondling each other.  Even licking each other’s pussy. Drunk American coeds are all crazy woman and when told them we wanted to film them licking each other’s pussy, they got ever so horny. By the end they decided they needed some cock.  We have loads of pictures and movies of the young drunk girls sucking guys cocks in the toilet and in the woods and in the guy’s cars.  If you like to what young drunk women and college girls out wild, flashing tits flashing pussy flashing ass, and much more.  Well, we have hundreds of movies, and thousands of pictures of real amateur young drunk booze up women.  Now, there is no need to leave your house now to find young drunk girls.  We have the most. Sit back and unzip your cock and have a good wank over this drunk boozed up American coed bitches

Playboy bunnies and amateurs along side each other flashing at the New Orleans Mardi Gras

Friday, September 12th, 2014

The Playboy balcony and the presence of the playboy bunnies really helped to focus the world’s media attention on the flashing breasts phenomenon, that has become increasingly prevalent at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.  Thanks to the continued presence of the Playboy bunnies all flashing their tits to the passers by, that also caused congestion gridlock in street below, as the guys stopped to stare at their breasts.  The striptease club temptations became infamous to the Mardi Gras in 1999, and really helped to bring the world’s media attention to the Playboy Bunnies at the Mardi Gras.  Just three weeks before officials from the New Orleans Mardi Gras in New Orleans pre-Department held press conference to announce that they were going to get tough on public nudity and the flashing at the New Orleans Mardi Gras the Playboy bunnies turned up for some publicity.  Obviously, the bunnies from Playboy,  appear it in a national magazine Playboy with what was then a circulation of 33.2 million people, and a readership of 9 million, flashing at the Mardi Gras,  did not go well with the anti flashing protesters and the Mardi Gras establishment.  For years, the anti flashing establishment were annoyed at the scenes of the French quarter, and how it looks everybody else in the world.  seeing all of these young teen age college girls flashing their tips and Sea Mills and housewives flesh, and it hits and often more.  They believed that all the flashing to beat at the Mardi Gras at times, the city’s image and overshadowed celebrations additional fermentation.  But to me, the New Orleans Mardi Gras is all about flashing.  So seeing the Playboy bunnies there flashing their tips, along with the amateurs flashing their tits.  Take a look at these amateur girls at the Mardi Gras college girls and housewives flashing their breasts to complete stranger.  And also a bit of an after Mardi Gras party where we can see drunk college girls go back to a bar and performing oral on each other in front of loads of horny guys.

American boozed up college teens going wild at this summer festival

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

American college girls having real reputation of being wild, dirty sluts.  Ask anyone in the world, where the dirtiest horniest college girls come from and they will tell you United States in America.  Now for the first time, we can show you why, we have been up and down the country to look to the wildest dirtiest American bitches we can find, but to get these college girls really dirty what we need is to get them drinking beer. We love these drunk bitches who are out flashing and more as I am sure you do. Some will do anything for a laugh when drunk.  They get on stage, they get naked masturbating on the floor while men watch and film them. Watch these drunk college girls making out and kissing each other. Watch as they finger each other and as the girls walk around naked we can even grab their asses, pussy and tits. The young girls are some of the hottest whores will ever see.  And they are all drunk. If you have a hot young girlfriend like this, would you let her go alone to the festival knowing as she’s getting drunk.  Stripping off her clothes off and i sucking cock?  These boozed up American college girls get so drunk they don’t care what they do. When American college girls go out to drink and to party you had better make sure that you brought your camera.  But don’t worry, because today we bought our camera.  It only takes a few beers to change an ordinary American college girl into a real wild party whore.  As you can see all these coeds are getting some attention.  We start with wet T-shirts and chick flashing, and we end up with flashing pussy, lesbian drunk sex, and much more

British lady has to much champaign to drink on her picnic and ends up masturbating in public

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Most of the women we see drunk in public are working class chav slappers, but today I have a real lady for you. Lucky for us when Danica goes out for a picnic it means lots of flashing and playing with herself outside and today in the picnic hamper Danica found that she had remembered her favorite vibrator.  Sometimes this English lady just needs to find a little time for herself outside, away from her husband and today Danica decides to find a quite spot and have a picnic all on her own. This posh lady has to much champaign to drink on her picnic and ends up masturbating in public. Although Danica looks like  a very posh lady, she is actually a filthy slut.  Watch Danica in the sun ramming the vibrator deep inside her wet milf cunt until she cums, loud and hard. If you want to see more of this fantastic British lady then visit her site just Danica here

Welcome to Mardi Gras nudity carnival. These shameless drunk women are eager to show their perfect big boobs to all guys in the world

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Welcome to Mardi Gras nudity carnival. I believe, I think you will agree, the Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans is one of the greatest parties which is ever been known anywhere in the world, especially if you like to watch drunk women getting their boobies out. At the Mardi Gras, everyone young and old, can enjoy thousands of naked women showing off their juicy young bodies.  MILF’s with nice firm tits and coeds with small bouncy breasts.  The Mardi Gras has every shame and size of breast and women. Something for everyone. I believe the Mardi Gras in New Orleans with all these naked drunk women, can charm anyone who ever visits.  And now you don’t even have to visit the Mardi Gras in New Orleans to see these girls and their tits and their asses and pussy on show, because I bring in New Orleans Mardi Gras to you.  Sit back and unzip and enjoy watching these young drunk sluts go wild.  Imagine hundreds of pretty girls, showing off their nice bodies and great tits.  I mean, it does not get any better than hundreds of women, half naked in the street, letting you see their boobs. These shameless drunk sluts were eager to show off the perfect big boobs all the guys in the world and it is my mission to bring these girls to you right now, in all my exclusive amateur movies, all shot at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. I can guarantee you, you will get lots of pleasure and a big stiff cock when looking at all these really attractive women with their tits, ass and pussy out in the street

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